~a list of wants~

-I want to travel. To everyplace, all over the world. I want to see hundreds of different faces just to solidify what I already know: the world is a beautiful place and is definitely worth helping.
-I want to fall in love.
-I want to get in a fight. I want to feel like I’m breaking rules. My life is a metaphorical cliff and I feel to safe. I want to jump.
-I want to watch Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind again. I like that movie.


i just watched the 2005 pride and prejudice FOR THE FIRST TIME and i am UNBELIEVABLY DELICATE ABOUT IT. i didn’t think i had it in me to care about regency era straights but HERE I AM, mascara stained and HIGHLY ATTACHED. when he flexed his hand after touching her i LITERALLY FELT GRAVITY ABANDON ME. 2005 was so long ago what have i been DOING that was MORE IMPORTANT THAN THIS MOVIE? NOTHING